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Costa Rica Yoga Center is the area's premier yoga studio located at the Costa Rica Sailing Center. We are an affordable yoga center for all members in the community who seek to honor their mind, bodies and spirit. We welcome all levels and offer a variety of yoga and fitness classes to suite every body. 

Yoga Center es el primer estudio de yoga de la zona ubicado en Costa Rica Sailing Center. Somos un centro de yoga asequible para todos los miembros de la comunidad dando la bienvenida a todos los niveles y ofreciendo una variedad de clases de yoga y fitness para todo los que buscan honrar su mente, cuerpo y espíritu. 

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Welcome to the Costa Rica Yoga Center website! Please, have a look around, as most all the information you need you can find here on the website. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out. The best way to contact us is through WhatsApp.

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You can do it! Vinyasa is a style of yoga characterized by stringing asanas, aka postures together so that you move from one to another, seamlessly, using breath. This means matching the movement with the breath.  It is a moving meditation that focuses on exploring the relationship between mind, body, and breath. Yes, our vinyasa and Vin-Yin classes are beginner friendly, but they are challenging. Expect to feel strong and stable, more mobile and flexible, and most important the mind will relax and feel more spacious to reduce stress and anxiety. If practiced regularly, it is a tool to make better lifestyle choices. Overall, you just feel better!




 Don't confuse Easy Flow for being 'slow' or Slow Flow for being 'easy'. Easy Flow is an approachable yoga class designed to get your body moving by introducing you to approachable asanas/poses with ease and acceptance. Easy flow, is great for both new and seasoned practitioners  who want a more mild yoga class that will strengthen their understanding and/or foundation to self growth. 


Slow Flow  is a vinyasa style class where more time is given that allows you to easily understand and work on correct alignment, sharpen your body awareness, and also shows you how to take charge of your yoga practice by learning modifications for any asana/pose. Enrich your yoga game by better understanding the 'why' & 'how"..



Power vinyasa was designed to burn more calories, improve endurance, flexibility, lungs, and concentration. Give yourself permission to remove the training wheels and go for it in this high intensity fat burning yoga class, that aids in weight loss!  Power yoga combines ancient yogic movements with the breath in a fluid and  exhilarating way. Benefits of a power vinyasa class will increase your blood circulation (which will make your heart happy), improve your strength, flexibility, & stamina!

Generally if other styles of yoga classes are not your speed, power yoga may be just what you need. Not only will you burn a ton of calories in this class, but you'll leave feeling accomplished thinking, "Wow!, I can't believe I just did that!"



Bikram is comprised of 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises performed in sequential order, suitable beginners and experienced practitioners alike! It is normally practiced in a hot and humid closed room, but Potrero’s tropical climate is a great substitute, and everyone enjoys the sea breeze. The poses are designed to target every part of the body and improve circulation, allow oxygenated blood to flow steadily, heal injuries and restore the natural range of motion to your body. Increase flexibility, strength and balance. NOTE: Bring a large towel to cover your mat and a bottle of water - and get ready to sweat!




 Yin & Restorative yoga postures are referred to as shapes. Yin yoga aims at mildly stressing to joints and connective tissue to activate the Yin energies of the body -- the feminine, soft, lunar, dark energies. Shapes are typically held shapes 3 to  5 minutes or longer, to access deeper tissues in your body and focus on your postures. 

Restorative yoga is intended to trigger the "relaxation response" in your body, which calms your nervous system. The magic a restorative yoga practice can offer is beyond comparison.  It is truly magic the way practicing this class on a regular basis can truly eliminate anxiety and stress on so many areas of your life in such a short amount of time.  If you are looking for a way to manage stress in your live, you have got to try restorative. 



Mat pilates classes combined with using the magic circle, instantly improve coordination, core/body awareness, balance, and improved stance.Pilates Magic Circle, also known as a Pilates ring is made of flexible rubber and provides a light to medium resistance as you press on it. The magic circle is added into pilates classes as a tool to increase intensity to already challenging pilates movements. Benefits of using the Magic Circle include developing balance and muscle control, enhance good posture, intensify mat exercises, and tone your glutes, hamstrings and arms.



Hatha Yoga hasn't changed for 1000's of years. It's root Ha, meaning sun and the, meaning moon. In this all levels class be prepared for longer holds in asanas (aka poses) along with, breathing techniques to quiet the mind and keep you focused through the entire class. Hatha aims at mastering body awareness and the use of the physical body. It also aims in activating chakras to stimulate kundalini and promote spiritual awareness. Improve your mental concentration and strength in the mother of all yoga classes. Experience some breath work and working on the mental strength to be in asanas (poses) typically longer than other classes while deepening the mind body connection. 



Jump into one of our adult karate classes and start learning some invaluable self defense skills. challenge your problem solving skills, trains your self discipline, and confidence. Burn calories, improve coordination and confidence, build strength, and improve your overall understanding of self defense skills. If you are looking to get your child involved in an after school program that will not only be fun, but they will obtain numerous character building skills, then this class may be for you!  In fact, you'll see some changes after just the first few classes.



Be stronger than your strongest excuse.

We are proud to be a one of a kind Yoga Studio located in the heart of Surfside/Potrero at the Costa Rica Sailing Center. We proudly offer the largest assortment of yoga classes you might ever see all under one roof! Our modern approach is to offer a dynamic range of classes and class times, with a teaching staff that is  as robust as the class schedule, so you are sure to find a class that is just right for you.  So, pull up a mat and namaste!

Estamos muy agradecidos de ser un estudio de yoga único en su tipo ubicado en el corazón de Surfside / Potrero en el Costa Rica Sailing Center. Aquí, combinamos con orgullo prácticas tradicionales con metodologías más modernas para crear clases accesibles que todos puedan disfrutar. Levanta un tapete y namaste.


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We are a first come first serve yoga studio!

To ensure you have a spot in class, we recommend you arrive 10-15 min prior to scheduled class time.

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Costa Rica Sailing Center
15 M Sur de Hotel Bahia del Sol, Provincia de Guanacaste, Surfside, 50304, Costa Rica

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